Worldwide-pharmacies.com Review – Scam Internet Drug Store According to Their Customers

Worldwide-pharmacies.com is an internet drug store that was part of an international association of pharmacies that operates worldwide. All pharmacies involved in this association are licensed pharmacies. Based on the information I found from a third-party site, this e-store operated in 2013. Their close date was not available as well as their location.

This internet store comes with 4 types of medicine offered. They offered popular medicines, hair loss medicines, men’s health medicines, and general health medicines. Among the medicines they offered were Assured Dapoxetine, Super P-Force, and Uprima. For their general health products, they offered Advair Diskus, Glaxo Ventolin, Generic Salbutamol, and Low Price Bimatoprost.

The ED drug sold on this store was P-Force. P-Force was an ED medicine that was made of Dapoxetine and Sildenafil. A pack of 4 tablets costs $20 and a pack of 8 costs $35. For a pack of 16 tablets, it costs $110. Customers who were in the US and APO’s territories were able to order this ED drug and had it delivered via Registered Mail for only $12. Delivery time was approximately 15 days. They were able to opt for Express Delivery for a price of $22 and wait for it for 8 days.

For customers in Canada, they were able to order this medicine and opt for Registered Mail for a price of $20. Delivery takes up to 15 days to get delivered. Express Delivery costs $35 and takes up to 8 days for the order to get delivered. For EU countries, this ED drug can be ordered and shipped via Registered Air Mail for $15 or Express Delivery for $35. The wait time didn’t include holidays and weekends.

Worldwide-pharmacies.com accepted credit card payments. All orders require a signature during delivery.

As part of a network of online pharmacies, worldwide-pharmacies.com offered a free consultation to its customers who need a prescription medicine. They also offer 100% satisfaction guarantee hence customers who were not satisfied with their orders can request a refund.

Customers with issues and requests can contact Worldwide Pharmacies through live chat and phone. Their number was 1 702-609-8388 and 877-425-3810. Their operating hours were 7 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, Pacific Time. Customers can reach the support team through [email protected]

Worldwide-pharmacies.com Reviews

For customers like me, customer reviews are like testimonials that we can rely on. I personally check customer reviews first before I check a particular website. I also prefer reviews posted on third-party review sites.

Luckily, Worldwide Pharmacies had reviews from third-party websites. Here are some of the customer feedbacks I found.

image3 14

In 2013, a customer by the name of Renee stated that he was scammed by Worldwide-pharmacies.com. He said he paid $69 for his medicine. His order didn’t arrive.  He contacted support and talked to different managers. The name of the people he talked to were Americans but he believed that they don’t sound American at all. He said he talked to them via email and he can’t believe he fell for this scam!

In 2012, YR also shared his negative experience with Worldwide Pharmacies. According to YR, this website got his $400 and never shipped his ordered medicine. YR wrote his review in an effort to warn online buyers about this fraudulent website.

YR and Renee were two unlucky online buyers who were looking for a way to save money and ended up losing more. They ordered their meds from this online pharmacy and waited for nothing. Renee even mentioned about not checking for reviews first before placing his order. Now he was totally sorry that was scammed!

Worldwide-pharmacies.com Reviews 2017

The experiences of Renee and YR can really happen to any customers who will deal with untrusted websites. To be sure that you are dealing with legit online stores, especially online pharmacy, better check its reputation first.

image4 11

According to scamner.com, Worldwide Pharmacies had 14% safety rating. Customers who dealt with this website were at risk of being scammed, losing their money and getting malware.

image2 14

Aside from having a very low trust rating, this e-shop also had low trust rating based on the result of the analysis I run with scamadviser.com. Scamadviser.com also showed that this site used different servers, American servers, and servers based in Canada. Their location remained undisclosed as of this writing.

Worldwide-pharmacies.com Coupon Codes

Almost all online stores that I knew offer discounts and promotions. Giving such perks always win customers and it has been proven a hundred times.

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From worldwide-pharmacies.com, they offered a loyalty discount hence returning customers automatically get 5% off their total bill. If you are a customer who always refills a prescription, this was a good way to save some bucks.


Worldwide-pharmacies.com is an internet shop that operated under a network of international pharmacies. It means that they were part of a big organization. They offered low-priced medicines and were delivering worldwide.

This e-shop accepted credit card payments. They delivered via EMS and Registered Airmail.

What I liked about this website was the fact that they had customer reviews from a third-party website. These were negative reviews. According to the customers who shared their experience about worldwide-pharmacies.com, they were scammed. Their money was taken but they didn’t receive their orders. Unluckily, after contacting the support team of this e-store, they ended up giving up and warning other people to stop using this website.

The negative customer reviews of Worldwide Pharmacies were believable because according to scamadviser.com and scamner.com, this online pharmacy had a high-risk rating.

For these reasons, I am giving this store a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.