Viagraaustralia.net Review – Risky Internet Drug Shop That Will Leave You Worried After Paying Them!

Viagraaustralia.net is an e-shop for patients with erectile dysfunction problem. The customers of this online store were from Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The medicines they sold were from India and were generic medicines. These medicines were Indian FDA approved.

Viagra Australia didn’t just offer high-quality ED medicines, they also offered ease of ordering as they didn’t require a prescription, safe ordering system, discreet packaging, and discounts for returning customers, and risk-free online purchase. Prices of products sold were in Australian dollars. This online pharmacy used a certified financial gateway that was regulated by the Cyprus Law hence I assume that it was based in Cyprus. This was despite the fact that their domain name says Australia in it! This e-store is no longer operational.

The three best sellers offered by Viagra Australia. They had generic Viagra, generic Cialis, and generic Levitra. Aside from these medicines, they also sold Kamagra, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Silagra, and different types of Viagra product. They had Viagra Flavoured, Viagra Gold, Viagra Oral Jelly, Viagra Professional, Viagra Soft, Viagra Super Active, and Viagra with Dapoxetine.

For their Cialis product, they sold Cialis Black, Cialis Professional, Cialis Soft, Cialis Super Active, Apcalis Oral Jelly and Tadacip. They also offered branded Levitra and Levitra with Dapoxetine. Priligy was also offered at this store.

For the prices, branded Viagra was sold for $3.58 per tablet and generic Viagra was sold for $0.62 per tablet. Branded Cialis was sold for $3.82 and generic Cialis was offered for $0.80.  Branded Levitra was a bit expensive at $4.68 per tablet and $1.31 for its generic counterpart. Other medicines offered cost at least $3. Generic Viagra remained to be the cheapest ED drug sold on this e-store.

With this website being down, I was not surprised to find some details to be missing such as their payment options. I was glad to find three shipping methods that they used though. Customers of this shop were able to choose from 2nd Day delivery, Express Delivery and Regular Delivery methods. The first two methods were trackable. 2nd Day Delivery costs $39.99 and orders get delivered within 2-3 business days. For Express Delivery, delivery time takes 7-9 business days and up to 21 days for Regular Delivery. Unlike other delivery services, this store allows shipping to PO Box addresses.

This online pharmacy offered guaranteed delivery hence if the order didn’t arrive, customers can file a complaint and ask for a reshipping or a refund. Orders that were held in customs qualify a customer for a full refund as well. Customers with issues must contact the support team of this internet drug store. Their contact information was 1-800-490-0365 for their US customers and 1-800-198-661 for their customers in Australia. They also had a ‘contact us’ page on their website that customers can use to send inquiries.


Viagraaustralia.net Reviews

There are a lot of online pharmacies that offer erectile dysfunction medicine. When I just started looking for a store to trust, I always rely on every store’s customer reviews. Customer reviews served as my eyes and ears in identifying who’s legit and who’s a scam.

Luckily for Viagra Australia, I was able to find a few customer reviews from a third-party review website hence I consider these as real reviews.

image2 13

In 2013, Viagra Australia had a customer by the name of Michael. According to Michael, this online pharmacy just took his money and he was left waiting for nothing. He tried to contact their support team to no avail until he gave up. Michael fully believed that this e-shop is a scam and that people must stay away from it.

Unfortunately, in 2012, a customer had already posted the same feedback for this internet shop. According to Teddy, this website was a scam and they just took his money as well.

Teddy and Michael were two men who were looking for affordable and quality medicines that they can use to bring back the joy in their life. Apparently, these two men became a victim of a scam website.

Viagraaustralia.net Reviews 2017

Although I already believe that this e-shop was a scam based on the customer reviews above, I still wanted to prove my assumption hence I check scamadviser.com.

image3 13

My assumption was correct according to scamadviser.com. Viagraaustralia.net was a site that everyone must stay from as it had ‘very low trust rating’. They were using multiple servers to hide their location. Based on the test I run with scamadviser.com, this website used US server and Chinese servers.

image4 10

In addition to scamadviser.com, I also check the status of this website with scamner.com. It showed that this site had 0% safety rating. For online buyers, this is another red flag hence I am glad this site was already closed and won’t be able to rip-off anyone anymore.

Viagraaustralia.net Coupon Codes

Customers of viagraaustralia.net were able to enjoy a few discounts and perks. Among the perks offered to them by this e-shop were as follows!

image1 13

For all products, this store offered free Regular Delivery and for customers who ordered more than $249, free Express Delivery was offered. That was still a few bucks off your bill so why not? But then, do they really deliver?


Viagraaustralia.net is an online pharmacy for ED medicines. They offered medicines from India. They offered three shipping methods to their customers, discreet packaging, and 100% guaranteed delivery.

The guaranteed delivery part was questionable as their customer reviews revealed that this store never delivers! According to the two customer reviews, I found out that Viagra Australia was a scam, they will get your money and leave you waiting for nothing! I strongly believe in these customer reviews being posted on a third-party website where biases don’t exist.

These negative customer reviews were supported by the fact that this site had a very low trust rating according to scamadviser.com. For these reasons, I am giving this site a rating of 1 out 5 stars. I am just glad that it is no longer operating!