Trusted-ed-pills.com Review – Virtual Pharmacy that Can’t Be Trusted

Trusted-ed-pills.com was a domain that is no longer hosting an online pharmacy. According to their existing homepage, this website offered generic medicines with an aim to provide everyone with access to affordable medicines. The medicines they sold were from respectable pharmaceutical companies and all medicines they sold were FDA approved.

Trusted ED Pills was no longer operational. The owner of this site did not disclose the location of this store as well as their start and close date. Their web site says they had been in the business for 10 years.  As their name indicated, this online pharmacy sold erectile dysfunction medicines.

For the ED drug they offered, they had generic Viagra for $182.70 per pack of 90 (100mg). They also offered Cialis for $217 for a pack of 90 at 20mg each. Cialis Super Active was sold for $172.80 for a pack of 90 pills (20mg) and Viagra Super Active was sold for $175.50 for a pack of 90 at 100mg.

Trusted-ed-pills.com also offered Cialis Soft for $193.33 per pack with 90 soft tablets (20mg) and Viagra Soft for $187.74 per pack of 90 at 100mg. Aside from these popular ED drugs, this internet shop also sold Viagra Sublingual, Viagra capsules, Viagra Super Dulox Force, Female Viagra, Kamagra, Levitra, and trial packs. Trial packs consisted mostly of 2-3 ED products. Other least popular ED drugs like Hard On, Eriacta, Intagra, Suhagra, Vigora, and Tadacip were also available.

This online store accepted payment by credit card only. During order, customers were able to choose between Trackable Courier and First-class Mail Delivery for their delivery option. Trackable Courier comes with a tracking number and takes up to 9 days for the order to get delivered. As for First-class Mail Delivery, it takes about 21 days or 3 weeks for the order to get delivered. The medicines sold by this online drug store were manufactured from India, the USA, UK, and Fiji and these where it will come from during delivery.

Trusted ED Pills offered a money back guarantee to their customers. It means that in case a customer was not happy with the product they received, they can return it and have their money back.

In a case of missing or lost orders, customers must make a report as soon as possible. They can make a report by contacting the support team through the ‘contact us’ page of this internet shop. If there was a need to reship a product, the store will shoulder the cost.

According to trusted-ed-pills.com, they did not have any hidden charges but in case customers find a different amount on their bill as compared to what they saw during checkout, then it was because their money was converted to dollars (from their local currency). Since this e-shop catered to customers worldwide, different charges appearing on the website was a common thing.

At the writing of this review, the only way for Trusted ED pills customers to reach them was through their ‘contact us’ page.

Trusted-ed-pills.com Reviews

Trusted-ed-pills.com had been in the business of online pharmacy for 10 years – this was according to their homepage. If they had been operating for such a long time, then it means they had been a good store and they had a lot of happy customers. After checking different review sites and using Google, I was unable to find any customer review though for this online pharmacy.

Trusted-ed-pills.com Reviews 2017

Since this internet shop lacked customer review, I decided to run a reputation analysis check with scamner.com. Scamner.com is a web site that aims to check every website and determine which one is legit and which one is fake or a scam. I would be using scamadviser.com as well. Scamadviser.com is also a website that determines if another web site is a fake or a legit one.

image4 8

According to scamner.com, Trusted ED pills had 0% trust rating. 0% trust rating translates to ‘this website is not safe to use – stay away’!

During its run, this online pharmacy didn’t have many customers probably because of its reputation.

image1 11

The result of the analysis I run with scamner.com was supported by scamadviser.com. The result of my scamadviser.com analysis also revealed that trusted-ed-pills.com had a very low trust rating. The location trace also revealed that this internet shop operated from the UK or from the US. The location cannot be determined because they had been using different servers.

Trusted-ed-pills.com Coupon Codes

Trusted ED Pills was a web site that had a lot to offer especially for patients with ED problem. For their valued customers, here were some of the promotions they introduced.

image3 11

They always offer sales and discounted prices for their ED drugs. For example, they offered a pack of 30 Viagra for $215 instead of $269.99. Aside from the discount, customers who ordered this pack also received bonus pills.

Customers who ordered 60 pieces of Viagra were able to pay for it for $404.46 instead of $505.58. This order also comes with bonus pills.


Trusted-ed-pills.com had been a leader in the industry of online pharmacies as they started about 10 years ago. According to their website, they were one of the trusted sellers of ED medicines hence their name was Trusted ED Pills.

The medicines offered by this online pharmacy were all FDA approved. These medicines were also safe for use and very affordable. It was just sad that after operating for 10 hours, they never had any happy customer to prove how reliable they were as an online pharmacy.

Since trusted-ed-pills.com doesn’t have customer reviews, I decided to verify its reputation. Regrettably, this website’s reputation was not good as well. Scamner.com and scamadviser.com advised online buyers to stay away from this site as it only had 0% safety rating.

Due to the negative things I heard about this site, I am now giving it a minimal rating of 1 out of 5 stars.