Sun-pharmacy.com Review – Poor Reliability Caused Termination

Sun-Pharmacy.com is a suspended store that used to work as an affiliate of Health Solution Network, LLC that called itself as a network of different pharmacies. The company used to have its very own team consisting of licensed physicians that checked and approved different orders that were placed on Sun-Pharmacy. The store also used to provide free consultation through the online system to the customers. It required the customers to fill out a simple medical form so that the doctor was able to check it and make assessments.  Sun Pharmacy took pride in the fact that it adhered to the rules and regulations that had been issued to be followed by the pharmacies. The owner had also directed its staff to serve for the fulfillment of every customer’s medical needs. The company also claimed that it possessed a formal license that permitted it to send shipments to 50 states of the US. All the drugs were directly dispensed by different wholesale pharmaceutical manufacturers working in the US. Different categories of drugs that used to be available here included diabetes, anxiety, cholesterol, sexual health and more. ED medicines that used to be available here were very expensive with 100 mg Viagra priced at 25 US Dollars per pill.

The shipping companies used at Sun Pharmacy for delivering medications to the customers included FedEx and UPS. Visa, E-checks, Discover and mailed money order were some of the ways using which customers were able to pay for their orders. Unfortunately, the company did not accept returns or exchange of products in case of customer dissatisfaction. However, it refunded the 50 percent amount in case the customer sent the unpacked and unharmed medicines back to the company. The company could be contacted by emailing them or calling at 1-888-738-3822.

Sun-pharmacy.com Reviews

Sun-Pharmacy.com had received only one review on a third party website and I decided to go through it to check what the customer had to say about this store.

The comment had been made by a client named Michelle who said that she used to be “wary” of buying medicines online. She ordered from Sun-Pharmacy using “visa gift card” and was not worried about leakage of information. However, Michelle reported that she received her products overnight that exactly matched her prescriptions. She was happy to find this store and said that she was planning to order again.

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Although the comment was positive and the customer seemed satisfied, I could not trust this drug store completely based on one review only. So, I had to check its authenticity via other sources.

Sun-pharmacy.com Reviews 2017

It was time to check the authenticity of Sun-Pharmacy.com using Scamadviser.

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Scamadviser gave a yellow signal to the store and said that this online pharmacy is not safe to use.  Moreover, the report elaborated that the website is based in the US but its real identity is being hidden through a malware or illegal software. The reason behind hiding the location can be that the manufacturers of this store would be scamming people and selling their credit card information to third parties, and anonymity of location would help them stay away from authorities. To cut things short, it would be better if customers find a better alternative to this store.

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Scamner was quite straightforward in explaining how SunPharmacy had not provided it with a single proof that would make it an authentic store. The report by Scamner said that the website did not have many visitors due to which it was given a trust score of 5%, which is equal to nothing. Because of a general lack of credible proofs, Scamner had no choice but to state Sun-Pharmacy as a rogue store. Therefore, browsing and buying from this website were strictly not recommended from here.

Sun-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Sun-Pharmacy.com had offered a quite strange way of getting a discount on its website.

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The company had mentioned how it provided the customers with a chance to get a free shipping by filling free evaluation form. The form was reviewed by a health professional and would decide whether to approve it or not.


Sun-Pharmacy.com could have been a good website for buying drugs only if it had provided sufficient amount of positive reviews from the customers’ side. There was only one review that I could find and it was definitely not enough to base my conclusion on it. Scamner had still not advised it to be used for online shopping and had given only 5% rating to it. Scamadviser had reported that the store used to hide its original location from the customers. The store could have offered good discount offers as compensation but unfortunately, it did not happen. So, I would conclude by giving 1 out of 5 rating to this store for lacking in reliability.