Savemoney-rx.com Review – Online Store for Generic ED Medicines

Savemoney-rx.com is an online drug store with a banner that says they were a ‘reliable supplier of generic medicine’. This e-store sold three types of medicines – erectile dysfunction medicines, hair loss preventive medicine, and men’s health medicine. In short, this e-shop was dedicated to helping men with medical problems that most people deem as embarrassing. This store is now closed.

The medicines that were sold by Savemoney-rx were Viagra, Tadalafil, Levitra, Propecia, and Tadalafil Soft. As mentioned, these were generic medicines.

A generic Viagra was sold for $1.10 per tablet and $1.61 for a tablet of Tadalafil. They also sold generic Levitra for $2 and 1.70 for a piece of Tadalafil Soft. For patients who were looking for hair loss treatment, Propecia was sold for $0.63 per pill. These medicines were manufactured in India and were directly shipped from India. These were Indian FDA approved as well. All medicines were shipped with a Certificate of Analysis to assure customers that these were safe medicines.

Ordering from Save Money Rx was easy as they accepted credit card, bank wire transfer and E-Check for payments. Once the payment was completed and processed, the order will be packed for shipping. Customers were given the choice to choose between Courier Service and Standard International Airmail for their shipping method. The $30 Courier Service was trackable and deliver the package within 9 days. The $10 Standard International Airmail was not trackable and delivery takes up to 21 days or three weeks. Deliveries are shipped within 1-2 days.

According to the FAQ page of this internet shop, they only accept cancellation of order within the first 24 hours upon placing the order. For a refund request, this was honored if the reason was that the customer was not satisfied with the effect of the medicine they received. The customer was given a return address and once the package was received by the pharmacy, the refund process will begin.

Customers of this internet pharmacy don’t need to contact their support team just to check the status of their orders. They had a ‘track order’ page where the customer just needs to input their order number and email provided during the ordering process.

In case of inquiries or questions, this online pharmacy can be reached via their phone numbers: 800-532-4808, 718-313-1498, and 44-200-222-7084.

Savemoney-rx.com Reviews

Reliable and positive customer review can serve as the backbone of any store, especially online stores. Most online drug stores invest in having a positive review because they understand that having good customer reviews means more customers and more customers means more sale.

Save Money RX is no different and luckily, I was able to find a handful of customer reviews from a third party review site.

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In 2011, davidchally wrote to this website asking about Lofatra and if it is better than Viagra or Cialis. I am not sure if davichally was a customer of this internet drug store. The response to the question of davidchally was from Magician. According to Magician, he was no longer using Save Money RX and that he switched to a different online pharmacy. He just posted an answer to davidchally’s question.

The two customer reviews for Save Money RX was not useful at all. Aside from Magician saying he already switched to a different provider, there was no useful information on these reviews that can say whether this e-shop was reliable or not.

Savemoney-rx.com Reviews 2017

With not much information from the customer reviews I found, I decided to gather additional information from scam analysis websites.

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Scamadviser.com, a known reputation analysis, said that savemoney-rx.com was a suspicious website. This online pharmacy according to scamadviser.com was in Switzerland. It was suspicious and customers were advised to be careful when using it.

image3 9

Scamner.com also revealed a negative report about savemoney-rx.com. Scamner.com showed that this site had 0% safety rating. Online buyers who used this site were not safe!

Savemoney-rx.com Coupon Codes

During its run, Save Money RX did not run any promotion. They did not release any coupon code as well. It looks like the website just depended on their customer reviews and banners to attract new customers.

Most online stores run promotions to give customers more reason to try them. Save Money RX was not one of these internet stores!


Savemoney-rx.com is an internet pharmacy that sold erectile dysfunction medicine, hair loss treatment drugs and drugs that focused on improving men’s health. They dispensed medicines from India and these drugs were Indian FDA approved.

There were a lot of good things about this site. The medicines they offered were affordable. All medicines delivered comes with Certificate of Analysis to prove that it was safe. This was a good thing if I am a customer.

This internet drug shop offered two types of shipping. They also offered refund and guarantees to their customers. In addition, they had phone numbers that customers can call in case they needed help.

What I find interesting about this website was their customer review. I found some customer reviews from a third-party site yet the content was not useful. The customers who wrote the reviews mainly ask about things that were not related to this online pharmacy.

To know more about this e-store, I decided to check its status with scamner.com and scamadviser.com. Unfortunately, this website was not a trusted site according to these scam analysis websites. Scamner.com revealed that it had 0% safety rating and scamadviser.com said that it was a ‘suspicious website’.

For the lack of substantial customer review and its negative reputation, I am giving savemoney-rx.com a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.