Rx-tab.com Review – Old Shop that Disappeared without a Trace

Rx-tab.com is one of the web’s many selling platforms, which, unfortunately, are now closed. This store formerly sold a large variety of products for a number of clinical uses and offered medicines commonly found on stores. The records for this online store indicate that its service dated as far back as 2008, although in a few years, the shop eventually went out of service without any warning.

The shop operated in 2008 so its template is markedly archaic and simple, unlike the new web pharmacy templates featuring heavy graphics and modern styles. In order to get more details for this closed store, I tried to evaluate its former site using its screenshots saved on the internet archive site. Although the store had a separate “about us” page, there was nothing in the section clearly stating when Rx Tab’s service started or where this store was based. The “about” section only spoke about Rx-tab.com being an online store with an aim of giving discreet service for clients with embarrassing medical conditions. There was also no mention regarding the FDA approvals of the products sold on the platform, so I was unsure if the meds sold by the shop were certified as safe and effective to use by the consumers.

Concerning the products offered, Rx-tab.com had generic and brand-name medicines for medical conditions such as men’s health, pain relief, gastric health, women’s health, hair loss, blood pressure, cholesterol management, erectile dysfunction, and several others. Surprisingly, the store Rx Tab offered Valium and Xanax, which were controlled substances illegal to sell online. Rx-tab.com did not ask for prescriptions for the products offered by the store, but the shop offered free medical consultations for clients interested in purchasing the meds without their Rx orders from their buyers.

The shop Rx-tab.com was only an escrow service which helped buyers locate the best ground pharmacy source for their medical needs. As for its brand Viagra (Pfizer), the lowest price offered by the shop was $87 for 10, 100 mg tablets, while the lowest price it had for brand Levitra (Bayer) was $97 for 10 tablets of the 20 mg product. Rx-tab took payments from VISA, Discover, JCB, and AMEX credit cards, but also allowed Western Union payments. Due to the limited data on the web archive records for Rx-tab.com, though, I was unable to identify the shipping costs incurred by the store and its policies for lost and damaged orders.

Rx-tab.com Reviews

I searched the web for available reviews on the shop Rx Tab, but the store appears to have no reviews from its former clients. It is still unclear why the shop did not have its own reviews or any consumer feedback, but it was probably because the shop had poor marketing skills or was not a popular destination for consumers with drug needs online

Although this store operated for some years on the web, it failed to gain reviews for its service, which, for me, was odd—shops with long histories should have good reviews (at least one or two) from reliable sources, because we currently live in a digital age where consumers want to be heard.

Rx-tab.com Reviews 2017

It was disappointing that Rx-tab.com did not have reviews for its service from consumers during the past, but it was not surprising that it failed to gain reviews for the present year since the shop closed years before 2017. However, in some instances, there are useful web platforms when it comes to the analysis of domains despite their closed state. I also tried searching Rx-tab.com on the databases of known assessing platforms, in the hope of gaining more insight on the domain’s details.

image2 8

Sadly, though, Rx-tab.com was not included in the database of even one of the most prolific review assessment platforms on the web, Scam Adviser. I tried if the shop had records of Rx-tab.com on its database, but I was greeted by this “website not active” message on the platform. Beyond this, there were no other details available for the web pharmacy.

Rx-tab.com Coupon Codes

Coupon codes were unavailable on Rx Tab; I checked if the store offered seasonal discounts for clients, but sadly, the shop had none. Other deals were present, though:

image1 8

As you can see in the image above, purchases of 50+ pills of Viagra were awarded 10 extra pills. It also appeared that the shop held a 10% discount offer for its Viagra product. However, I failed to check if this markdown was only for Viagra or if it included the other products as well.


Rx Tab was an online store which operated in 2008, although it was maybe incepted years earlier. This online store offered its service to international clients, sending brand and generic products discreetly and allowing the purchase of medicines without prescriptions.

The shop functioned for several years but still did not have reviews for its service. Domain analysis platforms also did not have reports for this online pharmacy, which was a bit surprising because almost all selling platforms were present in prolific domain evaluating platforms. Due to the lack of reviews and information for this closed shop, I am rating it only 1 out of 5.