Reliablepharmrx.com Review – This Inactive Pharmacy’s Location and Origin Are Hidden

Reliablepharmrx.com is a pharmacy I discovered in the Internet archives as it has been offline for some time now. The link above is for a copy of the website archived in 2015. On the “About Us” page, I found out that as of the time the copy was made, the pharmacy had been in existence for 9 years. In conjunction with Indian FDA approved and internationally certified manufacturing plants, it distributed safe medications at great prices.

While I was looking through the records, I got a chance to read the ‘Frequently Asked Questions.’ It became clear, that a prescription issued by a qualified doctor was requested whenever a customer residing in a country or territory whose FDA regulations included it as mandatory. The prescriptions were sent either via fax or email.

Next, I explored the medications that were listed on the website. They were grouped into categories including muscle relaxants, skin care, women’s health, obesity, stop smoking, antivirals, men’s health, asthma, cholesterol, antidepressants, cardiovascular diseases, antibiotics, anticonvulsants, hiv, alzheimer’s and parkinson’s, arthritis, cancer, antiallergic, mental disorders, antifungal, and erectile dysfunction.

That last category had generic Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis among other generic ED medications. 90 pills of 100mg Viagra cost 112.50 USD, 180 pills of 20mg Levitra cost 359.95 USD, and 270 pills of 20mg Cialis cost 399.95 USD. Payment was made by Credit cards. 30 USD Express International Mail delivered in 5-9 days and Standard 10 USD International Airmail delivered in 10-21 days. Refunds were made for orders that weren’t delivered within the indicated period and after an additional waiting period.

Reliablepharmrx.com Reviews

On Reliablepharmrx.com, I was able to locate reviews about the business. The screenshot below shows some of them, and the accompanying link takes you to the archived testimonials page.

image2 7

David was one of the buyers who wrote reviews. He began by acknowledging receipt of his order that very week before he wrote his review. He expressed his gratitude and appreciation for that and was very sure that he would be returning for future prescription drug needs. He had ordered erectile dysfunction medicines and remarked that his wife was more than surprised with the results. He said: “I felt 18 years old again. Thank you so much”. Mark, in his review, similarly acknowledged receipt of his order. He liked that the pills he ordered arrived exactly when he expected them and they proved to be as effective as advertised. He used his review to express his wife’s appreciation. Apparently, his order was also for ED medicines. Another person who wrote a review was Mike. He went straight to the point as well. His order had arrived and arrived on schedule. He was writing to express his satisfaction with the time of delivery. DN also received his order for ED medications and used his review to confirm that. He also had an opportunity to try them before writing his review to express his and his girlfriend’s gratitude.

The presence of these reviews satisfied the curiosity of some of the customers that came to shop. But if any customer took the time to do the needful and search for a separate set of reviews, preferably on a review website, they would have found, like I did, that many other stores use the same reviews written on Reliablepharmrx.com verbatim.

Reliablepharmrx.com Reviews 2017

Sometimes customers excuse these kinds of reviews as simply a misguided marketing strategy. Sometimes in addition to finding replicated reviews, there may be another unassociated batch of reviews that present reliable and trustworthy opinions of the . More often than not, online pharmacies that make use of duplicate reviews end up as scam pharmacies. Even if you can obtain very current reviews for a pharmacy, resources like Scamadviser are certain to present an interesting perspective.

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I went on Scamadviser.com and found a brief report that is surely not unconnected with the offline status of Reliablepharmrx.com. In fact, the report acknowledged the offline status. Interestingly, Scamadviser gave the website a High Trust rating of 80% but warned that it had been Threat Listed. That may have been due to virus or Malware issues. The website location and origin were not indicated, but the domain age was found to be about five years.

Reliablepharmrx.com Coupon Code

ReliablePharmRx made use of the bonus offers you see in the image below which was culled from the archives. There was a bonus of four free pills, presumably on the bestsellers list, for orders that exceeded a small purchase total. There was another offer of twenty gift pills for customers who purchased an even higher amount of prescription drugs. Free shipping was also made available. The criterion wasn’t quite clear in the records, but it may have been offered for buying above a predetermined price milestone or on every order.

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Some stores offer price discounts instead of bonuses, and others make both offers side by side. Discounts could be given by sending codes to customers that qualify based on their history with shopping in the store. There are also introductory discounts for either first orders or second orders after which it is applied to every subsequent purchase.


The archived copy of Reliablepharmrx.com I found was from 2015 and had an “About Us” page which disclosed that the website back then had acquired 9 years of experience. That is experience in distributing safe, and low-cost generic medications manufactured in Indian FDA approved and internationally certified facilities. Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis were featured among other generics in the “Erectile Dysfunction” catalog. I came across reviews that painted a reliable portrait of Reliable Pharm Rx. It soon became apparent that the reviews were identical to those that I have found copied and pasted on several online pharmacy websites. I was able to find a brief report that reflected the status of this offline pharmacy on Scamadviser. The website location and origin weren’t given, and that information remains obscure. Although the report found that the website had been Threat Listed, it gave Reliablepharmrx.com a High Trust rating of 80%. Given the preceding I can only give Reliable Pharm Rx1 out of 5 stars.