Powerpills-ed.com Review – Online Drugstore with Clone Web Sites

Powerpills-ed.com was an e-shop that had been in the business for the last 9 years. Their aim was to provide generic medicines of high-quality to those who need it around the world. This online pharmacy offered shipping worldwide to reach more customers. The medicines offered by Power Pills were generic medicines manufactured in India.

At first glance, Power Pills look like a website that I had seen before. It had the same information including the 9-year experience in the online pharmacy business. It was either a clone website or a web site that copied other web site’s information. With this suspicion in mind, I decided to further check the things that this internet shop offered during their run.

On their home page, it showed that powerpills-ed.com offered at least hundreds of medicines under 50 medical categories. The categories of illnesses they had were alcoholism, diabetes, cancer, viral infection, depression, anxiety, convulsion medicines, inflammatory medicines, and analgesics. They also offered diuretics, HIV drugs, hypertension medicine, and drugs to treat mental health, muscle relaxant, drugs to help people stop smoking, and drugs to fight obesity. They also offered medicines for erectile dysfunction, men’s health, and women’s health.

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, the medicines they had were Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, and Levitra. They also offered another type of ED drugs such as Apcalis, Caverta, Eriacta, Intagra, Silagra, Tadalis, Vigora, Zenegra, Hard On, Sildalis, Silvitra, Forzest, Penegra, and Tadora. Their cheapest ED medicine was generic Viagra for $0.69 per pill. Other medicines that cost lower than $2 were generic Cialis ($1.30), generic Levitra ($1.50), Eriacta ($1.31), Silagra ($1.40), Tadalis ($1.50), and Tadora ($1.75). Their most expensive drugs were Penegra at $4 per tablet, Super Avana at $7.50 per tablet, and Caverta for $5.50 per tablet.

The medicines offered by Power Pills were compliant to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940 and approved by the Indian FDA. It means that these medicines were safe to use and were effective like its branded counterparts. When shipped, Power Pills includes the Certificate of Analysis on each package to assure their customers that these were tested.

During their order, this online pharmacy just accepted credit card for payment. Customers were assured of their privacy as this site used SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Before checking out, customers can choose between Courier Service and Standard International Airmail for their shipping method. Standard International Airmail costs $10 and takes up to three weeks for the order to get delivered. Courier Service $30 and takes up to 9 days for the order to get delivered. This method was trackable. In a case of additional charges, customers were advised of the additional shipping rate based on the order’s destination country.

There were two ways to contact powerpills-ed.com. They can be reached through their ‘contact us’ page and through a phone. Their phone numbers were 718-475-9088, 800-532-4808 and 11-230-011-0241. If customers felt like their issues were not resolved or they have complaints about the service they receive from the support team, they can send an e-mail to [email protected] Customers of this online pharmacy can use this contact information for inquiries or when they need to report missing or lost orders.

Missing or lost order issues can be fixed by reporting it to the support team. According to the FAQ page of powerpills-ed.com, they will reship missing or lost orders for free if reported as soon as possible. Return of medicines was not allowed due to FDA regulations.

Powerpills-ed.com Reviews

Aside from the background of this website, their phone number or contact information was also familiar. To be honest, it was the same contact information I saw on another online pharmacy site. Although I already have my doubts about the legitimacy of this online pharmacy, I decided to further check its legitimacy with their customer reviews.

image1 6

The first customer review I found was written by Alan who ordered Soft Cialis. According to Alan, he was surprised with the Soft Cialis he received but happy with its effect.

Larry was another happy customer of Power Pills. He shared how happy he was with the product he received on time. Since he was satisfied with the service, Larry said that he will definitely order again.

Another customer whose name was not identified shared that he used a coupon to order from powerpills-ed.com. He ordered Viagra from this internet shop and was too happy about the medicine he received.

The customer reviews wrote by Alan, Larry and the anonymous customer were favorable for this internet shop. They were all happy that they received their orders and satisfied with the results after using it. What I noticed though was the content of these reviews. I read these reviews somewhere and if I am not wrong, these exact customer reviews were already used by another online pharmacy. It means two things, either powerpills-ed.com was a clone web site or they were using fake reviews for their web site so they can attract more customers.

Powerpills-ed.com Reviews 2017

With unreliable customer reviews, it was clear that Power Pills was a scam web site. The fact that this web site is a clone (or had clone web sites) is enough to make me believe that this is not a legit online pharmacy.

image2 6

My doubts were proven to be true by scamadviser.com. According to scamadviser.com, Power Pills was involved with a high-risk country hence it cannot be trusted.

image4 4

As far as scamner.com is concerned, powerpills-ed.com was an internet shop that cannot be trusted. They have 0% trust rating and customers who visited this site were advised to be aware of the hazards of using it.

Powerpills-ed.com Coupon Codes

With risks involved in online buying, I still prefer to do online buying because it allows me to save a lot. With many promotions and discounts, online buying became one of my favorite hobbies. As for Power Pills, here were some of the promotions they run.

image3 6

Their first promo was their free shipping offer to customers whose order was at least $150 or above. They also offered free pills to customers who ordered at least 60 pills. Imagine paying for 60 pills and receiving 70 pills!

Customers who ordered at least 100 pills received 120 pills for a price of 100 pills. That was 20 bonus pills out there.

Powerpills-ed.com also understands the importance of making their customers loyal hence they offered 5% discount to their returning customers. Customers who ordered for the 3rd time get 7% discount. Another catch was getting 10% for customers who referred a friend. The 10% automatically applies once the referred friend makes his or her first order!

If you will combine all of these promotions, you might get a free package in no time! What I cannot assure you though was if these promotions were real.


Powerpills-ed.com was an online pharmacy that offered generic medicines from India. The medicines offered here were affordable and safe. These drugs were FDA approved.

What I find interesting in this online pharmacy was their background story. I remember another online pharmacy that has the same background story. Sadly, this internet shop also used customer reviews that can be found on another web site. It means that the owner of this web site had different clone web sites and they were recycling their information. This kind of behavior was clearly from people who just want to scam other people!

For this reason, I am giving this site a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.