Pills-group.com Review – Didn’t Generate Traffic or Interest and Got Shut Down Eventually!  

Pills-group.com used to be in business but is no longer so for some unspecified reasons. Back in the days when it was operational, it claimed to be a reliable supplier of generics.
There are limited things that are known about Pills-Group. For example, when one looks at the ‘About Us’ page, one is able to discover that the website was online since 9 years acting in the capacity of being a representative for leading pharmacies. The medicines it was selling to consumers were generics from India. The website used to assure its customers that the generic medicines being sold through Pills Group website had Indian FDA approval as well as international safety certifications.

These generic medicines were being sold under as many as 30 different categories based on myriad health conditions: Asthma, Cardiovascular diseases, HIV, Cancer, Anti Virals, Anti Depressants, Men’s Health, etc. to name a few. Some were treatment medicines; while others were related to preventive care. The featured product happened to be an assortment of medicines.
The average price of one pill of generic Viagra (25 mg) at Pills-group was $1.79, which meant that 10 pills were being sold for $17.95. This was the lowest potency and various other formulations were being sold at Pills-group.com. Likewise, the average price of one pill of generic Cialis (10 mg) at Pills-group was $3, which meant that 10 pills were being sold for $29.95.

Customers were allowed to use their credit cards in order to make their required purchases at the Pills Group. Furthermore, Pills group was using two standard ways to send through the purchased medicines to its customers i.e., Express International Mail and Standard International Airmail. The Express method was for expedited delivery within 5 to 9 days utmost. However, the Standard method assured normal delivery to customers within 10 to 21 days.  The Express way of delivery was costlier i.e., $30 but the Standard way of delivery cost only $10.

USA-based Customers needing some support from the admin of Pills-group.com could call on a toll-free line +1 800 532 4808 or a regular one +1 718 313 1498. A UK specific number was also given on the site i.e., + 44 203 011 0241. An alternate method of communication was through email or contacting through Live Support. Since Pills-Group is no longer functional, we don’t know how erudite and responsiveness the customer support department was here.

In order to ease the mind of customers who were afraid their medicines would either get lost during shipment or would reach them in damaged form, Pills Group had listed clearly that it facilitated a refund in all such cases.

Pills-group.com Reviews

Pills-group.com had featured some testimonials from people who have bought from it. One could see that the customers were satisfied apparently. Here is what a quick analysis revealed:

image2 5

A reviewer named Dave apparently wrote the afore-given testimonial in response to a query from the site’s admin. According to him, he received his correct order and was “impressed” with the timely delivery i.e., within 10 days of ordering. He was also happy that the medicines “meet” his “expectations”. He liked that the site of Pills-Group was detailed and helped him find out aspects like the quality and the numbers to contact in case of cessation of the medicines at the border. He also found it appreciable that the order placement at pills-group.com was easy. Another testimonial was from a customer whose name happened to be Steve. He was appreciative of the generic Viagra he purchased from Pills Group’s site. He found the medicine performing as “expected” and made sex all the more “better”. He was very happy with the low price being offered by Pills-group.com, as it enabled him to purchase the medicine often.
On the face value, all these testimonials happened to be positive and believable. However, if one has gone through a couple of generic medicine selling sites, it wouldn’t be hard to discover that these testimonials were a reproduction from other generic medicine selling sites. In fact, the whole site was a clone of other sites. This means that Pills-Group wasn’t a genuine generic medicine selling site but a scam site selling cheap knock offs. Hoping to get anything genuine from here was nothing but wishful thinking.

Pills-group.com Reviews 2017

Besides customer reviews, another good way to check the reputation of a generic medicine selling site, even if it’s offline now, is to consult sites like Scamner and Scam Advisor. One was able to get some insight about Pills-group.com:

image3 5

Scamner’s data suggests that Pills Group was a site not worthy of visiting or recommending for others, as it had very few visitors. Thus, this meant that the medicines being sold here were either fake or cheap knock offs and not the real deal.

image1 5

Scam Advisor was more specific than Scamner and one was able to determine through its results that Pills-Group was being run from a high-risk destination like Russia. This geographic location happened to be very popular for scamming sites stealing users’ credit card and personal information.

Pills-group.com Coupon Codes

In order to gain favor and popularity with visitors, Pills-group.com was giving away free gifts to its customers. It’s pertinent to note that all these gifts were related to generic Viagra.

image5 3

Customers had to order a minimum of 20 pills in order to qualify for this gift i.e., 4 tablets of generic Viagra soft tablets. Ordering 100 pills meant that one would get 20 pills as a giveaway. The other way to save some money on one’s purchases at Pills-Group was to order in bulk and get qualified for free of cost Airmail delivery. This meant saving $10 on your orders. These offers were kind of run of the mill, as other generic medicine selling sites were offering the same kinds of giveaways, which usually meant bulk buying of medicines.


In the online generic medicine selling area, it’s not unusual for new sites to open up and then get shut down. Pills-group.com is one those sites that eventually was taken offline for reasons of its own. But if you dig around deeper, you get to know that it wasn’t a legitimate and genuine generic medicine site but rather a clone with copied content and reviews. It hardly had any traffic and was probably selling cheap knock offs or was a front for some scamming group hoping to steal browsers personal and credit card information. This could be one of the reasons behind it getting closed down. In any case, it wouldn’t get a rating beyond 1 i.e., poor.  The purpose of reviewing Pills-group is to make the buyers of generic medicines aware that there are lots of scam and clone generic medicine selling sites out there that need to be avoided in the interest of their own safety and health. Buyers shouldn’t trust everything they see under the banner of generic medicines and should only go for those sites which are vouched for by users in forums.