Ph-pharmacy.com Review – High-Risk China was Involved to Setup this ED Store

Ph-pharmacy.com was an online pharmacy created to reduce the need to see a doctor before buying prescription drugs, offer the lowest prices on the market, and reduce embarrassment associated with purchasing prescription drugs from a physical drugstore. India FDA-approved drugs were made available worldwide.

I was able to access the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ menu in the archives. Fax and email were the options provided for sending a valid doctor’s prescription as long as the territorial or national laws in a patient’s location demanded that. There was a 3-day ultimatum to produce a prescription or else orders weren’t processed.

All the medicines on display can be classified as Sexual Health medicines. Almost all of them were manufactured in India. I could see some brands by popular pharmaceutical companies. There was Caverta, Apcalis, Kamagra, Silagra, and Suhagra for erectile dysfunction, alongside generic Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis.

The top 3 bestsellers were Apcalis, Caverta, and generic Cialis. 180 tablets of 100mg Viagra cost 188.95 USD, 120 tablets of 20mg generic Levitra cost 269.95 USD, and 90 tablets of 20mg generic Cialis cost 197.95 USD. Only Credit Cards were accepted for payment. $30 Courier Service delivery and $10 Standard International Airmail were the shipping methods.

Courier Service arrived in 5-9 days, and Standard International Airmail arrived in 10-21 days.

Ph-pharmacy.com Reviews

Testimonials were available for Ph-pharmacy.com on its webpages. I was able to locate them, and I have captured a few of them for the purpose of this article in the screen grab below.

image2 4

Mike informed the management that he had received his order in his review. He was impressed with the time of delivery. DN, in his review, expressed his thanks presumably for customer support follow up. He also confirmed that his order had arrived and he already had an opportunity to try them. He wrote: “I am very happy, so is my girlfriend. Thanks”. Brian wrote about how he received an order he had placed on May 19, 2006, only seven days later. He was moved to write that it was “a most impressive service.” He assured the website’s management that whenever he decided to place further orders, he would contact them again. In the meantime, he planned to tell friends about his positive experience.

The remainder of the testimonials on the website which I did not highlight here gave accounts or shopping experiences that dovetail with the few I just highlighted. Reviews available on a pharmacy’s website are almost always approving. That is not so much the result of dubious reviews as it is the comment moderators choosing to highlight the most favorable ones. It is probably the most effective way to grab a prospective consumer’s attention since a lot of such consumers look to previous experiences to learn more about a vendor. The reviews on ph-pharmacy.com, however, are just another example of how scam pharmacies have exploited customer curiosity. When I went in search of unaffiliated reviews, I located these very reviews uploaded verbatim on another website.

Ph-pharmacy.com Reviews 2017

That discovery should be enough to dissuade anyone who was intending to purchase from the store. The only saving grace would have been if there were recent independently written positive reviews for this vendor. Scamadviser.com and Legitscript are powerful tools that could either eliminate or reaffirm doubts about a pharmacy website.

image4 2

This website was the European Union based and may have originated from France. China, a known High-Risk country, was revealed to be a possible owner country as well. The domain is almost 5 years old, and the website has been reported as untrustworthy and given low-reliability ratings by unaffiliated websites. Scamadviser gave it a Low Trust rating of 21%.

image3 4

Legitscript.com designates Ph-pharmacy.com as a Rogue Internet pharmacy. It also found that the website is currently offline. The website was newly registered and updated in February 2017. I tried it was redirected to another website that summarized the website’s history and inoperative status.

Ph-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Many online pharmacies prefer not to leave the popularity of their services to chance, and that is why they make offers of discounts and bonuses. Ph-pharmacy.com made offers of bonuses and offers of discounts. The screen grab below shows some of them.

image1 4

Extra pills were added to every order customers made up to when they ordered twenty times from this vendor website. I have come to understand that when online pharmacies offer this bonus, the pills chosen are among the best sellers. Free shipping was offered to all customers who went beyond a specified price total. All returning customers were also treated to a seven percent reorder bonus. This bonus, as is the case on other pharmacy websites, continues to affect all the following orders a customer would make. The first order a customer places on a given store may also attract a bonus that is similarly attached to all of their subsequent orders. Coupon codes are another approach to offering discounts to customers to save money and cultivate trust.


That was the information my research into Ph-pharmacy.com produced. I have learned about this defunct pharmacy’s mission to reduce the frequency of seeing a doctor before purchasing any prescription drug, to offer otherwise expensive prescription medications at inexpensive prices, and eliminate the need to go to a physical drugstore to purchase medications for conditions that are best kept private. All the drugs that were available on the website were approved by the India-FDA as the medications were also manufactured in that country. As long as the laws governing Food and Drug Administration in a customer’s location had that provision, prescriptions were demanded from such customers. This store can only be characterized as a Sexual Health medicine store. Indian brands were represented by Caverta, Apcalis, Kamagra, Silagra, and Suhagra. But the store also had generic Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra. There were a good number of favorable customer reviews on Ph-pharmacy.com itself. However, I found them uploaded verbatim on another website’s “Testimonials” page. Scamadviser gave Ph-pharmacy.com a Low Trust rating of 21%. It also found out that the website may have originated from France in although there was a possibility that China was the real location. Legitscript.com called Ph-pharmacy.com a Rogue Internet pharmacy. I am scoring this website 1 out of 5 stars.