Online-pharmacy.cc Review – Online Pharmacy with High Trust Rating!

Online-pharmacy.cc was an online pharmacy that was based in Argentina. They had an official physical address at Corrientes 1820, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina, 1108. This online pharmacy was written in the Argentinian language. According to their homepage, this website had started in 2005. In this case, this internet drug store was indeed one of the pioneers of online pharmacy business.

Unlike new online pharmacies with different medical categories, Online-pharmacy.cc is very simple as it gives a full list of the medicines they were offering. Instead of ‘category’, they used ‘product’ list. During their run, they had at least 40 medicines on their list. The only ED drug I found though were Cialis and Viagra.

Among the medicines that were offered by this online pharmacy were Accutane, Alprazolam, Ambien, Ativan, Atomoxetine, Bactrim, Bromazepam, Buspirone, Carisoprodol, Celebrex, Cialis, Citalopram, Clonazepam, Codeine, Depakote, Diazepam, Midazolam, Effexor, Fludrocortisone, Imovane, Lasix, Levothyroxine, Lexotanil, Lipitor, Lorazepam, Meridia, Midazolam, Modafinil, Naltrexone, Neurontin, Paxil, Phenergan, Propecia, Proscar, Provigil, Prozac, and Risperdal. Among their best sellers were Xanax, Valium, Vigicer, Alplax, Dipezona, Codeine, and Lembrol.

Online-pharmacy.cc had probably operated between 2005 and 2010 when the price of ED medicines still costs an arm and a leg. During their run, this online pharmacy sold Viagra for $169 per pack (10 tablets, 50mg). They also sold Cialis for $149 per pack (4 tablets, 20mg). They also sold Sandoz for $199 per pack (10 tablets, 50mg) and $299 for a 20-tablet pack. Branded Viagra was sold for $109 per pack (4 tablets, 50mg).

Online-pharmacy.cc promised worry-free shipping and they used Airmail as the only shipping method. Customers had to wait up to 20 days for their delivery. This method of shipping was used by the store worldwide. The only method of payment accepted by this online store was credit card payment.

For the shipping method, there is a standard shipping fee of $10 on top of the $10 charge per product in every order. It means that if you ordered two medicines, you will be paying $20 more (total of $30). Customers of this internet shop were promised a ‘guaranteed shipping’ service.

Online-pharmacy.cc had live chat support that their customers can talk to and ask their inquiries with. They also had a ‘contact us’ page and an email address. For customer who had questions about the store and their offers, they can send their email to [email protected] and [email protected] for customers who had questions about their orders. This internet shop also had a fax number at 1 435-921-2502.

Online-pharmacy.cc Reviews

When online stores were still starting, I bet customer reviews were not important yet. Back then, the internet was a way to reach other people, a way to connect and not a way to scam people. Still, I was surprised to find a few customer reviews written for online-pharmacy.cc.

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In 2005, one customer review was written for Online-pharmacy.cc and it was for their Dormicum product. The review was short and gave the online pharmacy a 5-star rating. According to the review, this internet shop was fantastic and was highly recommended by the customer.

The second customer review I found was also written in 2005 and also left a 5-star review for Online-pharmacy.cc. The reviewer stated that the medicine he received were the same with those he used to receive from The US and India.

These two reviews can be found on the review page of Online-pharmacy.cc. Unfortunately, I was not able to find these customer reviews from any third-party websites. It was also sad that the author of these customer reviews didn’t write their names. With the nature of these reviews, there was a high-risk of fraud, knowing that these customer reviews can only be found on their own site.

Online-pharmacy.cc Reviews 2017

With unreliable reviews, I went ahead and check the status of this old online pharmacy using scamadviser.com. Scamadviser.com is a reputation analyzing web site.

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In its analysis, scamadviser.com showed that Online-pharmacy.cc was actually a ‘highly trusted website’ and that there was no warning issued to online users who visited this site. Since the website operated in 2005, I am thinking that perhaps it was a legit online store. What I am not sure with was the quality of the products they sold.

Online-pharmacy.cc Coupon Codes

Perhaps 5 or 10 years ago, promotions and discounts are not yet popular. Although there are some stores that put their products on sale. Giving away discounts were not really that popular. This could be the reason why online-pharmacy.cc didn’t have any promotions during their run.


Online-pharmacy.cc was an old online pharmacy that was based in Argentina. This internet drug shop was written in the Argentinian language. Although it was located in Argentina, they offered worldwide shipping with a delivery time of up to 20 days. The medicines offered on this website were from Europe and South America.

Despite the fact that this website had been closed for a while now, most information was still present including their shipping information. What I was not able to obtain were their refund, return, and their cancellation of order policy. I was not able to obtain information as well about the safety of the medicines they offered and if these were FDA approved.

Online-pharmacy.cc had customer reviews on their site. The reviews I found for this online pharmacy were very favorable to them and were only available on their site. Personally, I don’t support websites who write their own reviews as a way to entice customers into trying them. It was 2005 when the reviews were written and I was shocked to think that scam practices had started as early as 2005!

Although the customer reviews I found were questionable, I was surprised to see the result of scamadviser.com revealing that Online-pharmacy.cc was a highly trusted site. Although they had questionable reviews, I think this online pharmacy still did a great job back then hence I am giving it a rating of 2 out 5 stars.