Night-meds.com Review – This Impounded Internet Pharmacy Had A Clone

Night-meds.com, as of last year, had nine years in the online pharmacy business. In all that time, it distributed safe, generic medications at affordable prices. The store is no longer in business but while it was online, I learned that it shipped India FDA-approved generics worldwide.

The first question in “FAQ”, under the heading: How To Order, was about whether customers needed to have a prescription in order to buy from the store. The directive given was that all customers who ordered drugs designated prescription medications in their local FDA laws would be required to email a scanned copy or fax over a valid prescription prior to purchase.

Anti-Inflammatories, Cardiovascular Diseases, Antidepressants, Diabetes, HIV, Erectile Dysfunction, Neurological Disorders, Men’s Health, Hypertension, Mental Disorders, Women’s Health, Muscle Relaxant, and Eye Care were some of the categories on the categories list.

Among the medications available in the Erectile Dysfunction category were generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. 270 pills of 100mg Viagra cost $342.95, 180 pills of 20mg Cialis cost $293.95, and 120 pills of 20mg Levitra cost $282.95. Credit Cards was the only available payment method. $9.95 Standard International Airmail shipped orders in 10-21 days and $29.95 Express International Mail shipped orders in 5-9 days.

Night-meds.com Reviews

I located a “Testimonials” section on the website and on getting there, I could see that there were lots and lots of reviews. I have attached the testimonials in the image below to help you get the gist of what the majority of them had to say.

image3 2

One user named Roger thanked the pharmacy for his order and confirmed that it had arrived via regular post. He thought that the service was “very professional” and was personally “very impressed”. He had decided, by the time he wrote his review, to share his good experience with his friends. He also expressed his desire to return.

Valentino’s review was also written immediately after he received his order. He expressed his love for the service delivery on this pharmacy and his intention of purchasing additional medications the day he wrote the review. “This medication is so much better and more cost-effective than what I can get here in America”. He christened himself a “customer for life”.

The third review was by Tim Gould Tim who experienced a slight delay before he finally received his medications. He said that wasn’t a problem though. He commended this pharmacy website for their excellent customer service attention which, in his mind, made everything work out well.

The last review above was uploaded by a certain Marc. He spoke of his order turning up as always. He had been a longtime customer and was writing to express his thanks for the pharmacy’s service. He wrote: “I have ordered numerous times and will continue to do so. Thanks”.

I imagine customers must have been thrilled to read such reassuring testimonials if they were considering shopping on this website. They would have found out that optimism was misplaced if they did a quick web search to verify the trustworthiness of the website. I did just so and I found the reviews summarized above on another website. This, as I later found out, was just part of a pattern of dishonesty that led to the store being forced out of the marketplace.

Night-meds.com Reviews 2017

Getting the perspective of newer and independently written reviews would have been valuable to prospective consumers. But they didn’t have that perspective. That means that if they didn’t spot the reproduced comments, they wouldn’t have known about the scam which led the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations to confiscate the domain. I found out about the confiscated by entering the web address directly. Legitscript and Scamner.com both generated reports for Night-meds.com.

image2 2

Under the section labeled “Approval Status”, Legitscript.com labeled Night-meds a Rogue Internet pharmacy. The pharmacy, according to the report, was created in 2013 and expired in July 2017. Great Britain was identified as the registrant country.

image4 1

Scamner.com confirmed that the website was created 4 years ago doesn’t own an SSL certificate, and doesn’t have any trust records. It traced the server location the US which is the current location of the seized domain (may have been the original server location as well). Scamner was able to detect the seizure as well.

Night-meds.com Coupon Codes

I was curious about the offers Night-meds.com made to its customers while it was in service. While it became apparent that coupon codes were not used to give discounts, I found the offers in the screenshot below pretty easily.

image1 2

Sample pills were offered for free on some orders. On most online pharmacies that offer bonus pills, the pills are typically high in demand. Discounts were also offered to customers. I couldn’t find out about the specific discounts that were offered on night-meds.com but I know of the methods that online pharmacies have been known to use. There is the offer of discounts off the price of a customer’s first order and then another one if those customers return for more. Discounts may also be increased according to a predetermined number of orders. Apart from the offer of free sample pills, another bonus that is a customer favorite on most stores where it is available is free shipping for buying varying amounts of medications.


Night-meds.com shipped India FDA-approved medications worldwide for nine years until July 2017. The medications were generics that met standard safety and quality requirements and were made available at affordable prices. Prescriptions were either scanned and emailed to the store’s management or faxed over as they were required for orders to be processed. This was contingent upon the Food and Drug Administration laws that existed in a customer’s locality. The showroom was full of drugs in the following categories and others: Anti-Inflammatories, Cardiovascular Diseases, Antidepressants, Diabetes, HIV, Erectile Dysfunction, Neurological Disorders, Men’s Health, Hypertension, Mental Disorders, Women’s Health, Muscle Relaxant, and Eye Care. Generic Viagra, Levitra and Cialis were available and, like the rest of the medications could be purchased using Credit cards. There were several flattering reviews on the “Testimonials” page that was featured on the Night-meds.com. When I decided to find reviews that could potentially corroborate the image presented by those testimonials, I got the first glimpse of the con job that led to its removal from the Internet Pharmacy marketplace. The reviews were duplicated on another website which appeared to be a clone. Legitscript’s report labeled Night-meds.com a Rogue Internet pharmacy, said it was registered in Great Britain, and found that it was created in 2013 and expired in July 2017. On Scamner.com it was revealed that this website has been seized by the US Government through an ongoing effort to clamp down on Copyright violations supported by ICE-Homeland Security Investigations, NIPRCC, and the Department of Justice. I am giving Night-meds.com 1 of five stars.