Giving A Remedy for Earache Without Knowing The Cause Is Risky

A remedy for earache is best administered when the cause of the earache is known. It’s risky to give a remedy for an illness if you’re not sure exactly what the illness is. Earaches can come on by themselves but they can also be a side effect of something else. Colds, ear infections and extra water in the ear can all give you an earache. Some other causes of earaches may be more serious, so be sure to monitor any symptoms beyond the pain in the ear.

Both a cold and an ear infection will make it difficult to sleep and may cause fever. An ear infection may come with the added fun of loss in appetite, irritability, temporary hearing loss, dizziness and drainage. Loss of appetite can happen when the earache makes it painful to chew and swallow food. Irritability naturally occurs when someone is not feeling well. Earwax buildup may cause temporary hearing loss and dizziness. The drainage is usually the infection draining out of the ear. A cold can come with a burning sensation, as well as mild to severe pain. You should also keep an eye out for green or yellow mucus.

These are clear indicators that a cold is causing the earache. Most likely, an earache caused by a cold will resolve itself within a few days. Drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest to help it on its way. If symptoms persist with either an ear infection or a cold, seek the help of a doctor. Don’t let either illness get to the point of being a more severe problem. To avoid earaches caused by swimmer’s ear, wear earplugs when swimming, showering or bathing. Save a little by using the earplugs for swimming and using cotton balls coated in petroleum jelly for the shower and bath. Thoroughly dry the ears after any exposure to water. Combine equal parts rubbing alcohol and white vinegar for an inexpensive but efficient ear drop that safely clears excess water from the ear canal.

In a hurried situation, hold a blow dryer set on low several inches from the ear and allow the warm air to quickly dry out the ears. These three are the more common causes of earaches, but any number of illnesses can have an earache as a side effect. Keep all symptoms, not just the earache in mind when determining whether or not to give a remedy for earache.