Cheap Rx Reviews: The Cheapest Source of Generic Medicines in Canada

Cheap Rx is a chain of e-stores that offers medicines. Online pharmacies are today’s solution to our busy schedules and to traffic. If you want the convenience of having your treatment delivered in your door, just use an online pharmacy to refill your prescription. Cheap Rx e-stores can do this for you.

Aside from convenience, the fact that medicines offered by online drugstores are cheaper is another reason why people are into online pharmacies. Most online pharmacies are not just offering savings of up to 50%, they also offer perks and freebies that most customers can take advantage. Freebies such as coupon codes, more discounts, free pills, and free shipping are to name a few.

Currently, Cheap Rx offers low-priced medicines for erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety, weight loss, hair loss, hypertension, allergies, infections, asthma, gastrointestinal.

Cheap Rx Reviews

A customer’s review is very powerful. Cheap Rx is a testament to how good reviews can improve a store’s sale. With more than a million happy customers, it is no doubt that Cheap Rx e-stores have a lot of good customer reviews. Indeed, they do, here are some of their customers’ shared experiences with Cheap Rx.

Cheap Rx Reviews

Barbara shared that her ordered pills came earlier than her expected date of delivery. She said it worked and was surprised that it is much better than what the store claimed it for. Barbara added that she is 100% satisfied with her experience with Cheap Rx. Barbara is from Sweden.

Jacob also admired the fast service rendered by Cheap Rx. He said he tried to order on their website but because of a glitch, he had to call and process the order over the phone. He was thankful for the people who helped him. Jacob is from France.

Another Cheap Rx customer from France said that he liked Cheap Rx because of their superb customer service. Alex said that when he ordered from them, he was constantly advised of the status of his order until he found it at his doorsteps.

For the last review, it was a shared by Mark who was happy with Cheap Rx because he was able to process and receive his orders without a problem. Mark has been a loyal customer of Cheap Rx.

For their speedy delivery and excellent customer service, there is no doubt that Cheap Rx remains to be one of the best players in the online pharmacy business.

Cheap Rx Online

There are various options of medicines in the Cheap Rx shelves. They offer a long list of medications that common people need. For an erectile dysfunction medicine, they have at least 30 brands that you can choose from. It only shows that they offer a wide range of medication to help their customers find the best drug that will suit their medical needs. Cheap Rx e-stores offer over the counter medicines and prescription drugs.

Cheap Rx Page

Aside from the long list of medicines they offer, they also offer these drugs at the lowest price available. At Cheap Rx, you can get a Propecia for $0.51 per tablet and an Amoxil for $0.39 per tablet. They also offer Nolvadex for $0.52 per pill while a generic Viagra costs $0.27 per tablet. This is the cheapest Viagra one web. They also offer the cheapest Cialis on the web, a generic one, for $0.68 per tablet.

In addition, Dapoxetine is also offered for $0.95 per pill, Xenical for $0.79 per pill, Antabuse for $0.42 per pill, and Metformin for $0.26 per tablet. With a credit card, you can order a 3-month worth of medication from Cheap Rx including prescription medicines. For Rx medicines, there is no need to show a prescription.

This network of online pharmacies offers a 100% money back guarantee and satisfaction guarantee. They also offer free reshipping in case your order gets lost or damaged. For orders that are not delivered due to incorrect address provided by a customer, Cheap Rx will collect reshipping fee. Refunds are honored if you are not satisfied with your order and you have it reported as soon as possible. You have to return your order and once it is received in the warehouse, they will process the refund to your credit card.

Cheap Rx Coupon Codes

Cheap Rx is no longer offering coupon codes as of today. What they offer are perks that customers can take advantage while ordering such as free pills and free shipping.

Cheap Rx Perks

All orders are entitled to free pills. On the checkout page, you just have to tick the free pills that you want to receive. Also, if your order is worth $200, you can avail of the free Airmail delivery and if it is above $300, you can have it delivered free via EMS.

Cheap Rx Phone Numbers

For questions and issues, you can talk to a Cheap Rx representative by calling 718 487 9792 or 4420 3239 7092 or by sending a message to their ‘contact us’ page.

Cheap Rx Contact Number

Cheap Rx Spam and Phone Calls

People are doing online shopping because they are too busy with their everyday life. They no longer have time to answer or check spam emails or answer unwanted calls from unknown numbers. Cheap Rx knew this hence they don’t waste their time as well, sending spam emails and making spam calls to their potential customers and old customers. Rest assured that Cheap Rx doesn’t practice spam emailing.


Consumers are now going online for their shopping, groceries, and medicines because it is cheaper and more convenient online. If you are looking for affordable medicines, check the offers of Cheap Rx. They offer low-cost medicines and delivers at a speed as shared by its verified customers. For these reasons, we are giving Cheap Rx network of online pharmacies a rating of 5.