Cheap Pills Review – Good Prices And Excellent Deals Await The Buyers Of This Store Network!

Have you ever shopped at an online drugstore and remembered that it looks exactly like the one you’ve browsed several days ago? You may be thinking that you just had a case of déjà vu, whereas in fact you have indeed encountered two different websites but looking exactly the same. While this may sound disconcerting, multiple similarly crafted websites are actually the norm today. There is what we call as “pharmacy networks” or online companies using several identical-content websites with varying domain names—these websites are intended for catching as much traffic as possible and direct the sales to one main operating system. Read More


Usarxdelivery.com Review – US ICE-Homeland Security Investigations Nabbed This Virtual Pharmacy

Usarxdelivery.com, in 2015, proudly declared that it had 9 years of great customer experience. I found out when I accessed “About Us” on the home screen of this inactive website through the link to the archives above. That menu also revealed that the website provided quality generics shipped from stock in the United States although they were made in India. Read More


Myhomedoctor.org Review – Online Pharmacy that Started as a Local Drugstore in Canada

Myhomedoctor.org was an internet drug store based in Ontario, Canada. The owners of this website started their company as a small pharmacy in Ottawa and Toronto in the early 1990s. In the early 2000s, they decided to use the internet to reach out more customers so they set-up this online pharmacy. They used to call their company as an online department of Canadian Health & Care, Mall. This online pharmacy is now inactive. Read More


Online-pharmacy.cc Review – Online Pharmacy with High Trust Rating!

Online-pharmacy.cc was an online pharmacy that was based in Argentina. They had an official physical address at Corrientes 1820, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina, 1108. This online pharmacy was written in the Argentinian language. According to their homepage, this website had started in 2005. In this case, this internet drug store was indeed one of the pioneers of online pharmacy business. Read More


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