6 Tips on How to Stop Acid Reflux Issues

Did you know that heart burn or Acid reflux is a painful issue that has nothing to do with the heart? The problem lies with your digestive system. The burning, pain, and discomfort that people are suffering from is actually stomach acid rising up into the esophagus from the digestive process in the stomach and is comprised of partially digested food and gastric acid mixed together.

Symptoms will often include a burning sensation felt in the lower chest or the top of the stomach. Additional symptoms of acid reflux will also include a sore or burning throat even swallowing with some difficulty resulting in chronic voice hoarseness or dry cough.  Clinical studies show that these issues can lead to a bitter taste in the morning or after eating and can leave you with bad breath.

If the issue of acid reflux is not treated it can become chronic in nature and will often times lead to painful esophagus cancer.

With some simple changes in your daily life style you can prevent acid reflux from occurring altogether. Here are six simple tips for reducing acid reflux and preventing heart burn that you can do right at home with little to no effort at all.

1. Change Your Regular Body Position When You Sleep or After You Eat

Sounds difficult but it really is not. When you lay on your back gravity simply pushes stomach acids into your esophagus. After eating a meals it’s important to keep an upright posture and you should try avoiding lying down for at least 1 -2 Hrs. This will allow you digestive system to process your food and pass it out of the acid filled stomach to the next part of digestion in the intestines. It’s better to wait until this process is complete before you choose to lie down because at this point there there is very little or next to nothing left inside to flow into the esophagus. While in bed at night you can get relief from acid reflux by adding another pillow or two under you back to lift the neck and head off your bed about 4-5 inches. This will often do the trick as it stops the acid from flowing freely into the esophagus because now it would have to travel up hill.

2. Change Your Meals Up a Bit You May Even Feel Healthier

Try to avoid food, snacks or treats that can trigger heartburn  such as: whole milk, peppermint candies, creamed foods such as soups, cream peas or cream corn, saturated oils and fats, tomatoes and juices like orange or grapefruit juice. Recommended foods that will help you avoid acid reflux would include: chicken, turkey, goose, duck, fish, vegetables, cereals, bread, low-fat milk and anything else with a low fat content.

3. Avoid Excessive Motion After Eating

Motion can often splash or force stomach acids into the esophagus. It’s always best to wait movements such as exercise or activities the use the abdominal muscle as these movements ( abdomen muscle contractions) can force the food you just ate into the esophagus.

4. Start Chewing on Natural Mint Leaves

When you chew on mint leaves it has been know as a natural home remedy to soothe the acidic content of the stomach and help promote effective digestion and decreased symptoms associated with acid buildup.

5. Watch Your Vices such as Alcohol, Tobaccoor Coffee

Decide how and when to consume alcohol and remember moderation is the key. Cigarettes and coffee will often trigger activity in the stomach causing gastric acid.  If you cut back a bit then  in no time you’ll start noticing that your your acid reflux issues will stop bothering you and your whole health status will have been improved.

6. Take a Proven and Natural Antacid Treatment

The first thing you need to do while suffering from acid reflux on a regular basis is to visit your doctor as you may have already waited too long and may have caused some damage. Often times doctors recommend some popular over the counter antacids that include Maalox, Mylanta and Riopan for those times when you need it. What about damage or times when these just won’t work? You may want to consider a more effective treatment like “Acid Control” by digestive science. It’s clinically proven to neutralize stomach acid at the first sign of heartburn. To repair damage you should consider a Digestive Enzyme Renewal system.