247-pills.com Review – Closed Online Pharmacy Network Affiliate

247-pills.com was an online pharmacy that offers guaranteed low-price medicines. They also assure their customers of their delivery method ensuring that all orders are going to be delivered. This website is no longer active at the moment.

According to a third-party website, this website’s domain has just been active for more than a year. It means that was a new one but was already closed. Third-party website review cited that this site could be located in the Netherlands. 247-pills.com is no longer operational hence information gathered for these reviews were taken from web archive and third-party review sites.

On the homepage of 247-pills.com, they have a catalog of magazines including their best sellers. Among the medicines they used to offer were Viagra, Cialis, Clomid, Propecia, Cytotec, Sildalis, Xenical, Valtrex, and Zoloft. This online drug store also had medicines for asthma, viral infections, heart disease, skin care, pain relief, and herbal medicines.

For generic medicines, you can get generic Viagra from 247-pills.com for $0.27 per pill. A generic Cialis pill costs $0.68 while generic Levitra costs $1. Branded medicines were also available with a branded Viagra pill for $.286 and branded Cialis for $3.27 per pill. If compared to other online drugstores of today, this price is indeed way too low.

With the limited information I have for this site, I was not able to discover if this online pharmacy had offer FDA approved medicines. At the bottom of their page though, they logos of CIPA, MIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and FDA. I am assuming that these logos mean that they offered drugs approved by these health agencies.

Information on the payment method they accept during their run is also not available. At the bottom of their main page though, a logo that says “Verified Visa” can be seen hence I assume that they accepted Visa for payment. The same goes for shipping method where in EMS and United States Postal Service (USPS) logo can be seen on their page. Information on the cost of shipping and days it takes for the delivery to arrive is not available at the moment.

For inquiries, the options given by 247-pills.com were through phone or their “contact us:” form. US customers with questions can call 1-718-487-9792 while UK customers can call 420-3239-7092.  As this online dispensary was no longer working, checking their responsiveness is no longer possible.

Data on return and refund policies of 247-pills.com were also not available at this moment as web archive had no captured data for these.

247-pills.com Reviews

247-pills.com was an online dispensary who had been operating for a year prior to being closed down. According to a third-party website, this site was updated a few days ago but remains inactive up to today. For a year of being in service, I was wondering if they had made any sale and if any of their customers were happy or too mad to give them a feedback. Apparently, this website doesn’t have any customer review.

With no reviews to use, I will be checking the status of this site from scam analysis websites.

247-pills.com Reviews 2017

When no reviews exist to confirm the vendor’s reliability, Scamadviser.com is a website to help as it aims to expose shady online shops to prevent online users from becoming a fraud victim. To further check the legitimacy of 247-pills.com, I decided to check it out using scamadviser.com.


According to scamadviser.com, they evaluate a website using the site’s details such as the registered owner, registered location and customer reviews. When 247-pills.com was still operational, scamadviser.com had analyzed it and it showed that this site was “not safe to use”. Scamadviser.com revealed that this site was in Netherlands.


As far as scamner.com is concerned, it revealed that 247-pills.com was not a trustworthy site to use. Scamner.com was also a site that analyzes websites in terms of safety, risks, and possibility of being a scam website. Scamner.com shows that this online pharmacy has 0% trust rating.

247-pills.com Coupon Codes

I always prefer online buying because of regular online discounts and promotions. Most of the websites I go visit also offer loyalty discounts and free shipping after a number of orders. With this in mind, I checked 247-pills.com for the promotions they had

Unfortunately, there are no coupons offered from 247-pills.com. Either the coupons were not saved in web archive or they never offered any promotions or discount codes to their customers. With more than a year in operation, I guess this website really had very little to offer.


According to the main page of 247-pills.com, they had over 1 million happy customers. Their website also says that guaranteed fast delivery worldwide and that they have the lowest price for generic medicines. The price on their archive home page proves that they do offer low-cost drugs.

Due to the limited information about this online drug dispensary, I checked its status on scamadviser.com and scamner.com. Both websites are trusted when it comes to evaluating shady and fake websites. Unfortunately, the result of their analysis for 247-pills.com was the same, 247-pills.com cannot be trusted and should not be trusted if ever it becomes active again.

247-pills.com was an online pharmacy that operated for more than a year then closed down without leaving a customer feedback. This online dispensary was said to be located in Netherlands but they might be using a different server that their exact location cannot be pinpointed. With a shady information for an online dispensary that is no longer active, I can say that this online pharmacy was indeed a scam. Online buyers should be aware in case this website gets reactivated again. For these reasons, I am giving this site a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.